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Friday, December 1st


Curious? Might be a good idea to sign up to my little notification list, we support Http://sex-sofa.com. Or hell, e-mailing me works, too. [email protected]

Kat on 12.01.06 @ 01:46 PM CST [link]

Thursday, November 30th

Oh god.

Oh god.

Back in the day, this site used to make fun of all the stupid, whorish things that camgirls used to do escorts-nottingham.co.uk. If it were over the top whoring, Linuxkitty would be ON IT. And I just saw the best example of "chicbabes.co.uk/lincolnshire-escorts" that I've ever seen in a long, long while. And oh god, oh GOD! It's too juicy to pass up sex swing.

However, theres a catch. It's someone I know IRL. And someone I used to have a friendship with, whom Regal escorts I no longer get along with even on a neutral level, who has used me, in the past. Someone with which we have mutual friends.

But it's so rich, it's like, if I didn't know this girl IRL and didn't have the history, I'd post about it in a heartbeat. These reservations are coming from a chick who has posted her own mothers bare ass on chesterfieldescorts69.co.uk.

Oh god, do I do it? E-mail me at [email protected] and give me a piece of your mind.

Kat on 11.30.06 @ 04:47 PM CST [link]

Tuesday, November 21st

Burned out and failing

I'm getting very, very burned out at work. And there is nobody to vent to, and I just want to walk out, right now. I'm not "in an environment to succeed" (as is one of the company's principals), and I feel as though my training efforts are failing because it's just too busy to train people. When I get home, I cannot concentrate on school or getting simple chores like laundry out of the way (let alone painting or any of my other projects, including this site), because I'm just too tired.
I need to do something about this. Something really needs to be done about this on http://www.easynewcastleescorts.co.uk/.

Kat on 11.21.06 @ 11:13 AM CST [link]

Saturday, November 11th

No trust, no respect.

It's kind of like Jerry Springer. The woman walks on stage with a beautiful baby, and tells the audience her story and intentions: to confront an ex with the news that the baby is his. He gets on stage, and swears up and down that it isn't his -- that shes a lying slut and her baby is too ugly to be his. He's just saying this, of course, because it's easy to shift blame and accusation onto the woman. She knows he's the only one she's slept with, and so does he for that matter, but it's any ole insult he can throw at her to kick her off her course. One DNA test later, fatherhood confirmed, and the baby is worth cooing over, but the woman is still a dirty slut who isn't worth apologizing to, despite being right about the parentage of her child in the first place. If she were reasonable and honest for the majority of confrontation-time, thats overshadowed by her few moments of weakness and pain, despite the source or cause of her outbursts.

It's kind of like that, except the baby isn't beautiful, and it certaintly isn't worth cooing over. Despite the timing correlating perfectly, she'll always be the problem. The slut. The source. She isn't a person, shes your personal dilema. God forbid she care about her own life, making the shift in priority from comforting you, to herself. Nobody else is going to do it for her, so what gives him exclusive rights to her thoughts, her warmth, or her pussy, for that matter?

In short? Fuck. You.

And now for your moment of zen.

Kat on 11.11.06 @ 03:21 PM CST [link]

Monday, October 2nd

It's my birthday today!

It's my birthday today, I've only had three hours of sleep last night, and my co-workers are making fun of the hat I'm wearing! Woo!

They keep calling me Fievel and shit. Oh yeah, I cut my hair about a month back, too. Theres a picture of it all shortlike. I couldn't find a tiara, so the Fievel-hat will have to do even when trying Lincolnescorts69.co.uk.

Whoever made that graphic spelled that shit wrong. big grin A google search can prove it! Damn russians.



I got flowers:

Thanks, boys. smile Steve got me the roses, Brad got me the bird-of-paradise arrangement. smile

Also, thank you Mark, for the Firefly DVD's -- I've been meaning to check that out. And the manual for my motorcycle just arrived today, and I already mentioned the bookshelf -- thanks Jay. smile

Oh, and THANKS CHARLIE for taking me to NOLA and to my first football game...woo! smile

No Idea what I'm actually doing for my birthday...Amber took me to lunch (thanks bitch <3), and...who knows what else? big grin

Escort SEO on 10.02.06 @ 08:56 AM CST [link]

Saturday, September 30th


Two days until my birthday.

You all know I'm back from NOLA, right? One of the things that I got to do in NOLA was see a psychic. Without my telling her much about myself, she was very, very legit. One of the things she picked up on, was the sheer intensity and amount of anger I have. She wanted me to make a list of everyone and everything that has ever made me angry, print it out, and then set it on fire ala ritual style.

I of course, thought this was a silly idea, despite how accurate I thought her to be. But then I decided...no. I'm going to do that. It really does make perfect sense for me. I will open up the old wounds, expell the acidic puss thats been sitting there, and then let them scar over once again.

I will post the anger-list for a time, perhaps a week or so, and then I shall delete it / set it on fire. She wanted me to do everyone in my entire life that has ever made me angry that I have not yet TRULY forgiven in my heart...and it turns out, I haven't truly forgiven many. I've only said I'd forgive them, and then couldn't follow through due to old hangups.

So, stay tuned for that, I guess.

Kat on 09.30.06 @ 09:24 AM CST [link]

Monday, September 25th


Pffft. Men. Such disapointments.


I'm currently in New Orleans for the Saints vs. whatever-the-team-for-Atlanta-is game. This will be my first football game, despite the fact that my parents were official photographers for the Miami Dolphins, back in the day. This is also my first visit to New Orleans. While I'm sure it is popular opinion that the city is completely destroyed, allow me to inform you that it's not. NOLA is very much alive and kicking, and is probably also one of the most interesting cities I've ever visited. My friend Charlie is the best -- he took me out here for my birthday, which is coming up shortly (October 2nd).

Pictures and details will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I've got to wash the makeup off of my face from partying so much last night, grab a shower, and head over to a spa for a steam bath and a massage with Charlie.

Oh, and check out this painting Charlie got from a local artist! Isn't that beautiful? We've been here supporting the local talant, Charlie buying art, and me buying psychic readings, and it just feels so good. That painting is AMAZING in person. smile

First three folks to e-mail me their mailing address gets a little NOLA care package, and the next ten after that get a postcard sent to them. smile K at HELLNAW dot ORG


Alright folks, just got back from the game. It was AMAZING! Who dat?? *laughs*

The Saints won. big grin

Just updating to let you folks know who's getting what. There is still time to get in on a postcard though, so e-mail K at HELLNAW dot ORG with your name and mailing address, alright?

People who are getting care packages:

1. Mark A.
2. Roxanne! (<3 this girl!)
3. Jon Mc.C.

People who are getting postcards:

4. Mark C.
5. *Christopher Freedumb (who was actually a guy who flamed me on craigslist and has nothing to do with my website or anything, but saw the site in my .sig, but whatever!)
6. *Layton C.
7. Christopher G.
8. Phil
9. ???
10. ???

*You need to send me your mailing address, m'dears. By the time I get back to Madison tomorrow afternoon. Or your postcards will be given up.


So send me an address! There are two definate spots and two maybe-spots. smile

Kat on 09.25.06 @ 10:33 AM CST [link]


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